Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Surprise! The NY Times recommends Hamas book award choice - by Petra Marquardt-Bigman

...let’s all cross our fingers that Ben Ehrenreich’s paean to the terror-loving Tamimis will get the Hamas Book Club award – he definitely deserves it, and it would also be a fitting tribute to the good judgement of the New York Times.

Petra Marquardt-Bigman..
Elder of Ziyon..
14 August '17..

Last week’s anniversary of the Sbarro massacre was celebrated by the Aqsa TV channel, and their audience very much appreciated being reminded of the carnage perpetrated 16 years ago by Palestinian terrorists.

Last year, just in time for the 15th anniversary of the massacre, the American writer Ben Ehrenreich was busy celebrating all the praise he was receiving for his newly published book that glorifies the Tamimis of Nabi Saleh, who are not only ardent supporters of Palestinian terrorism in general, but who also have the greatest admiration for their relative Ahlam Tamimi, the proud mastermind of the Sbarro bombing.

We made a video back then, introducing Ehrenreich’s main protagonists.

It seems that glorifying terror supporters like the Tamimis is good business: for the 16th anniversary of the Sbarro bombing, Ehrenreich’s book came out as a paperback, and – just like last year – the New York Times is doing its best to help Ehrenreich sell his book.

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