Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LA Times Op-Ed Promotes Israel as the “Occupying Power” in Gaza - by Simon Plosker

...What started as a plea in the LA Times from an ordinary Gazan woman for a properly functioning electricity supply to prevent a humanitarian crisis, instead becomes poisoned by HRW’s own politicized anti-Israel agenda as Almasri sings from the HRW song sheet. We can sympathize with the plight of Gazans deprived of electricity and a normal life. To contend that Israel is still occupying Gaza and bears primary responsibility shows that as far as Abier Almasri and Human Rights Watch are concerned, the lights have gone out and nobody is home.

Simon Plosker..
Honest Reporting..
21 August '17..

There is no dispute over the hardships that Gazans are enduring as a result of chronic electricity outages. It is difficult not to feel sympathy with LA Times opinion piece writer Abier Almasri as she describes life in Gaza with only limited electricity.

However, Almasri states:

To Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, Gazans are pawns in a shameful quest for political domination. As the occupying power, Israel bears responsibility under international law to facilitate normal life for the people of Gaza. Hamas exercises internal control and is responsible for protecting our rights. The Palestinian Authority oversees millions in donor funds and should also protect our rights, including paying for vital services.

As Almasri well knows, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and is not “occupying” it. Moreover, Almasri fails to mention anywhere in her article the major reason for the lack of “normal life” in Gaza: Hamas terror.

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