Monday, August 7, 2017

How the Temple Mount Crisis Is Calling Me Home — to Israel - by Fred Menachem

...when the time is right, I’ll permanently return to my ancestral homeland to fulfill my deep responsibility and continue to do my part to make sure that the Jewish people continue to persevere, thrive and survive long after my time on this planet. That’s my covenant with God, the Jewish people and the future of the democratic and Jewish state of Israel. It is the Temple Mount crisis and the savage murders of my people that have sealed my fate and cemented that commitment.

Fred Menachem..
06 August '17..

This has been a particularly tough few weeks for the Jewish people.

The ‘crisis’ at the Temple Mount has given extremists in the Arab world the opportunity to use fallacious arguments, staged violence, propaganda and a skewed version of history to justify inciting and igniting violence and committing barbaric murders of Israeli Jews and non-Jews alike.

Oddly, but, not surprisingly, the mainstream international media — many of whom can’t see past their hatred of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu — seem to have forgotten that this entire crisis was triggered when three Arab-Israelis shot and killed two Druze-Israeli police officers. Sadly and ironically, these police officers were keeping the Mount safe for everyone, including Muslims.

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