Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Israel, the Zvulun Regional Council and Ras Ali – A Bedouin Success Story - by Sheri Oz

North of Haifa there is a road that seems like it is going nowhere. I knew there was a town at the end of the road, an Arab town, but I had no idea what kind of town I would find there other than that it has a population of about 700-800 people, perhaps a bit more. Small.

Sheri Oz..
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08 August '17..

There is lots of activity in the region, now that Highway 6 is working its way feverishly northward, including modernizing Highway 70, building tunnels and otherwise helping traffic move smoothly between north and south. A new road parallel to Hwy 70 has been paved for local traffic, but immediately after passing the Bedouin town of Khawaled, the road turns into the kind I often travelled decades ago in this country: not much wider than a single lane, twisting and turning along the contours of the land, with narrow dirt shoulders.

Signs at the side of the road promise that soon there will be a modern road here as well, leading to the small town at its end, Ras Ali.

After a number of twists and turns in the road, flanked only by rolling hills in green, gold and brown, I see a cultivated valley open up to the left of me. I then see buildings on a hill, but they give no real hint of what I will find when I turn the last curve before town, and when I finally do, my mouth drops open.

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