Sunday, August 6, 2017

The unmaking of Palestinian Arab losers - by Arnold Roth

...Attacking Israelis, dying as a martyr, becoming the subject of acclaim and perhaps an admiring speech from highly-placed Palestinian Arab personages, all amount to an escape from the problems at home or in the town or village.

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
04 August '17..

Amos Harel writing in Haaretz today ["'Revenge of the Rejects': The Real Reason Young Palestinians Commit Lone-wolf Attacks"] puts a pin in the "look-for-root-causes" balloon.

The IDF believes there have been more than 300 Palestinian-Arab-on-Israeli "lone-wolf terror attacks and copycat attacks", as they are refer to them, since October 2015. Harel says that when first confronted by the emerging reality, the military's intelligence organizations were at a loss to make sense of the waves of stabbings and vehicle-rammings.

They systematically addressed their lack of insight and preparedness by turning to the data. The chief focus was intelligence monitoring of Palestinian Arab social media. As he describes, it, they began with

an Excel sheet in which all the available information on the first 80 terrorists was entered. Clear patterns were spotted, with imitation the most prominent: 40 percent of the terrorists who struck in those first months came from the same seven West Bank villages and neighborhoods. Half of the attacks occurred at a small number of locations, with one attacker following in the footsteps of another. Based on this information, the Central Command tailored special security arrangements for the attack-prone sites, with the Gush Etzion junction being number one.

So while clearly the role of incitement is important, and invoking “Al-Aqsa is in danger,” as the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel - essentially Hamas - is an exceptional potent trigger, the underlying personal and psychological problems of certain parts of their society make them wide open and receptive.

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