Thursday, November 3, 2016

Peace-maker Saeb Erekat's barbarians and heroes - by Arnold Roth

...“She started screaming, the children saw me and also started screaming, then I stabbed her in her upper body another three or four times. She tried to fight me and tried to take the knife from me. The two children who were there were still screaming, but she continued to resist, so I pushed her, and overpowered her,” he said,....Astonishingly Erekat, who means barbarians like these when he praises his heroes, keeps getting invited to appear on global TV programs and keeps being taken seriously. We're baffled.

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
03 November '16..

He appears to crave publicity. And he gets plenty of it in parts of the mainstream news-reporting industry where his self-flattering claims to being a peace-maker are taken seriously.

He also gets his op eds published in the likes of the New York Times, The Guardian and the Washington Post; is a featured interview subject on the BBC, Aljazeera, PBS and NPR; and manages to insert himself into what he calls "the forces of moderation in this region".

Some serious talent there.

But for our part, we have long felt that Saeb Erekat (and his under-appreciated ability to issue and then serially retract dramatic resignations over several decades) gets less attention than his self-promoting showboating, stunning flexibility in invoking history and outlandish disrespect for truthfulness would justify.

Here's a good recent starting point - a report from a few days ago in which he makes plain the kind of "peace" he has in mind as he goes about making it.

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