Saturday, November 12, 2016

Obviously Didn’t Get the Memo. Christian ‘Peacemaker’ Promotes Jew-Hatred in Promised Land

...Will the WCC and the MECC step in and instruct Daher to remove the images from the Internet and apologize for his ugly polemics against Israel? Or will these institutions do nothing and allow the executive secretary of the Jerusalem Interchurch Center to continue to promote hatred and disdain in an already tense environment?

Yusef Daher, executive secretary of
the Jerusalem Interchurch Center.
Photo: Facebook.
Dexter Van Zile..
11 November '16..

Most people understand that promoting a cartoon of a hook-nosed Jew getting kicked by a crucified Jesus is something no one should do. But one person who didn’t get the memo is Yusef Daher, executive secretary of the Jerusalem Interchurch Center (JICC), a Christian ecumenical “peacemaking” institution located in the Holy City.

Daher, who also apparently works as a tour guide in the Holy Land, posted the cartoon as his Facebook cover photo in January 2016. The image showed Jesus kicking a hook-nosed Israeli soldier (wearing a kippah of course), while at the same time gazing beatifically at a young, presumably Palestinian child, standing respectfully at the foot of the cross with a bowed head and hands behind his back.

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