Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Leaving Israel With a True Security Nightmare - by P. David Hornik

...Presumably a world where amoral or fanatic powers, terror organizations, and mass-destruction weapons are on the rise is not what the progressive, Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama had in mind. It is not a good world for peace, stability, or civilization. As usual Israel is in the eye of the storm. Obama had no use for its warnings, but they’re worth heeding.

P. David Hornik..
07 November '16..

Most Israelis will be relieved when Barack Obama leaves the White House. Although few are brimming with confidence about either of the candidates to replace him, Israelis will not miss much about Obama: the eight years of constant friction with a four-times-elected Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu; severe and obsessive public criticism for such actions as building homes for Jews in supposedly proscribed parts of Jerusalem, and the like.

There is also concern that the lame-duck Obama will take a pernicious parting shot at Israel from the United Nations.

As John Hannah notes in a Foreign Policy article on restoring America’s role in the world, the next U.S. president should:

… make sure the Israeli prime minister is among the first foreign leaders received at the White House and leave no doubt that the days of public backbiting and “distancing” from America’s most important and capable Middle Eastern ally are over.

But public frictions, and even harmful diplomatic moves, are not the worst of Obama’s “legacy” for Israel.

Far more serious is the deteriorating security environment he leaves in his wake.

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