Friday, November 4, 2016

Suarez, SOAS Palestine Society and evil Zionists that control the world - by David Collier

The people watching the event, are invested in the modern fight against Israel’s existence. The base of their belief is the Naqba myth, the tale of a one-sided, pre-planned expulsion. Their history begins in 1948. People like Suarez provide pillars on which this narrative can stand, and for this the SOAS audience are thankful. Suarez helps to reinforce the vision of the Zionist monster in their heads. Yet there is an absence of critical thinking. There is no attempt to challenge or address the tale Suarez has spun at SOAS. There are rarely many questions. He provided a service, he can go home now. Unless of course there are Zionists in the room.

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
03 November '16..

I was inside one of the hot spots of radical Islam in London – SOAS. We came to hear Tom Suarez promote his book, ‘State of Terror’. I had not heard of Suarez, and he is a musician, not a historian. The book is published by Karl Sabbagh, who provided one of the speeches at the House of Lords event that saw the Zionists blamed for the holocaust. The only endorsements on the book were from Jenny Tonge and Ilan Pappe. My expectations were low.

My expectations should have been much lower. Suarez is an example of how someone can make a new career out of hating Israel without academic training or even a basic historical knowledge of the conflict. His methodology was clear, ‘I hate Zionists/Jews’, but to write a book, I need to make some citations, and he went off to find some.

Suarez doesn’t come with a backstory or a bio. There is no introduction. From the moment Suarez opened his mouth, until his pillar of sand had been swept aside by several people in the room, Tom Suarez built a narrative that was dripping with hard-core antisemitic undertones.

The basic script was difficult to believe. He has no grounding in history, nor does he seem to have academic research skills. He is clearly not well read, nor does he use diverse source material. What he does is plunder a single archive. Seeking out anything that can seem sinister. This quote, this thought, this demand, then becomes the driving force for the entire Zionist movement.

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