Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Double Standards on Display — Yet Again at the NY Times - by Ira Stoll

...“What Times coverage of this Council on Foreign Relations special report?” you might ask. And that would be an excellent question, because there hasn’t been any coverage of that report in the New York Times. Not a word. It’s been subjected to a kind of news blackout, censored, deemed not “fit to print.”

Ira Stoll..
21 November '16..

One of the best ways to detect the biases of the New York Times in relation to Jews and Israel is by making comparisons.

We’ve written about this in the past here and here, citing examples such as the Times’ approval of separate swimming hours for Muslim women, but objection to them for Jewish women, or enthusiastic coverage of an exhibit on Islamic art versus vaguely hostile coverage of an exhibit about Judaism.

But the examples just keep coming and coming.

The first concerns foreign policy. A report by some “experts” — corralled by a group favoring increased American trade and diplomatic relations with Iran — has been the subject of extensive coverage in the Times. “76 Experts Urge Donald Trump To Keep Iran Deal,” was the headline over a freestanding Times news article about the report.

In case readers missed the story the first time around, the Times took care to repeat the news over and over again. “On Monday, 76 national security experts, including former officials of Republican and Democratic administrations, exhorted Mr. Trump not only to accept the nuclear agreement but to use it as a way to ease tensions with Iran on other longstanding problems,” the Times reported, again, as context in another article, headlined: “House Votes To Extend Iran Sanctions For 10 Years.”

In yet a third news article, headlined, “Trump’s Policies Might Not Be the Worst Deal Ever for Iran,” the Times repeated the news a third time: “Last week, 76 national security experts signed a report urging Mr. Trump to keep the deal.”

Compare that favorable and extensive treatment of the Iran deal — a deal that was vehemently opposed by the Israeli government — with the Times coverage of a new special report from the Council on Foreign Relations calling on the new administration to take steps to “revive the U.S.-Israel strategic partnership,” including expanding defense cooperation with Israel.

“What Times coverage of this Council on Foreign Relations special report?” you might ask.

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