Friday, November 18, 2016

Interesting to see how far the Middle East Studies Association's hate will go - by Elder of Ziyon

...The best part is that the further MESA goes in its hate, the less it will affect Israel - and the more it will discredit itself. It is the inverse of the joke where a genie asks a lucky man what he wishes for as long as his worst enemy gets twice as much, and he answers "beat me half to death." In this case, MESA is asking to be beaten fully to death, while its enemy will barely feel a mosquito bite. 

Elder of Ziyon..
17 November '16..

The Middle East Studies Association has long been anti-Israel. It has passed resolutions supporting the rights of its members to boycott Israeli academic institutions and to consider boycotting Israel itself.

There are very few pro-Israel members, because Israel studies are not part of it. There is a separate association for Israel studies, so (for example) there are very few Israeli members.

But so far, there is a major problem with MESA calling to directly boycott Israel. This is because it describes itself as "non-political." And even some critics of Israel warned what could happen to MESA if it becomes explicitly political, as a direct call to BDS would make it hard to argue that it is non-political.

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