Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The science of hating Zionists and why most anti-Zionism is antisemitic - by David Collier

...So how can people who so clearly understand the concept of a displaced people, those who speak of inalienable human rights, look at Jews running from pogroms or the holocaust and call it colonialism? The only way is through the denial of the ‘Jewish’ essence in Zionism. To deny me the right to my own identity. In other words, to attack the Jewish story, Jewish history, the Jewish self. To attack the ‘Jew’. Blatant Antisemitism.

David Collier..
Beyond the Great Divide..
13 November '16..

Some pieces are easy to write. I go to an event and hear people suggest that the Zionists were responsible for the holocaust, or witness mention of Jewish power. If it is a speech by Max Blumenthal or Tom Suarez, I will hear tales of Jewish conspiracy. I return home, analyse the recordings, research, and write. It is an easy process to follow.

The more difficult pieces are those that challenge the narratives. The message is not a simple ‘one-liner’. There can be discomfort in internally challenging deeply held beliefs, an inability to ‘cross the divide’. People are even uncertain sometimes ‘which side’ the piece is on.

This is one of those items. To make the journey with me, you need to let go of some of your beliefs. Ignore statements that challenge your history and set aside all you know about the creation of the conflict between 1917 and 1967.

I am going to ask you to immerse yourself inside the Palestinian narrative. I am doing so because I am going to use their narrative, not just to show that Zionism is a movement of national liberation but to forcefully drive home the idea that the Balfour apology campaign, anti-Zionism and the entire settler colonial paradigm are all knee deep in antisemitic thought.

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