Friday, November 25, 2016

The Rabbi for Human Rights: Intolerant, Angry and Aggressive by David Collier

...The audience willingly laps up any decontextualised information or misrepresentation of Israel that can be used in the fight against the Jewish State. Some that listen to those like Idit, are pushed over the edge, and they join the mob outside the room at the UCL. Soon they will join those banging on the windows and threatening me. This isn’t Israel, this is 2016 Europe and anti-Israel rhetoric delivered to a crowd of people singing this hymn has consequences. Why would a Jewish Rabbi, why would any Jewish Rabbi, want to do that to me?

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
24 November '16..

Have you heard the one about the Jewish Rabbi ‘for Human Rights’ aggressively pushing another Jew in a church?

It may sound like the opening line from a stand-up routine, but this is what happened as a speaker from the organisation came to join the modern church choir singing the age-old hymn, ‘oh Lord, let us all demonise Israel’.

This was at St James Church in Piccadilly. The same Church that in late 2013 decided to erect an ‘Apartheid Wall’ to send a message about Bethlehem. The vicar of this church is Lucy Winkett. Someone who has obviously acquired the label ‘friend’, recognised by all those who don’t like the Jewish state of Israel.

I hadn’t expected to be there. Just up the road Daniel Schueftan was talking at Kings College and there had been trouble expected. With security worthy of El-Al I decided that Kings had indeed created a fortress for the Jews to safely hide behind. I left campus and headed off to the church.

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