Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The clear disaster in allowing Palestinians to join Interpol - by Elder of Ziyon

...Luckily, the organization saw through the attempt this time. But as the Russian cases already show, the organization will need to revamp itself to stop things like this from happening.

Elder of Ziyon..
08 November '16..

Times of Israel reports:

Israel successfully prevented the Palestinians from joining the international police force Interpol, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday, praising the Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic efforts.

The Palestinians wanted their request to join Interpol to come to a vote during the organization’s annual general assembly, which is taking place this week in Bali, but Jerusalem worked behind the scenes to prevent the vote.

Sixty-two Interpol member states voted against the Palestinian proposal to have a vote on their membership bid, according to a joint press release by the Foreign Ministry and the Israel Police.

“Many others abstained, including countries that are part of the automatic pro-Palestinian majority,” the statement read. “The vote is a major achievement and reflects the change in Israel’s international status and the success of Israeli diplomacy.”

Israel fears that sensitive information could be leaked to terrorists if the Palestinians join the organization, an official in Jerusalem said last week, without giving further details.

That's one reason.

But for the main reason, read this NYT article from yesterday about how despotic nations are misusing Interpol:

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