Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ireland, Colombia, and Israel: Clearly Not Birds of a Feather - by Stephen M. Flatow

...Robinson and Gilmore don’t understand that the Palestinian Arabs are not the same as the Irish or the Colombians. Over the past 25 years, the Palestinian Authority has raised an entire generation through schools, news media, and a popular culture that inculcate hatred of Jews, glorification of violence, and a life’s mission of bringing about the destruction of Israel. No diplomatic initiative, negotiating scheme, or peace process can change that.

Stephen M.Flatow..
16 November '18..

Two former Irish government officials who visited Israel recently declared that they know the way to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict: Both sides just need “leaders who genuinely want to resolve the issues,” they announced. Gee, why have the rest of us never thought of that before?

Sometimes, I marvel at the number of foreigners who believe that they have come up with the magical solution for peace in the Middle East. You hear such drivel from journalists like Thomas Friedman, who seems to believe that he was born with the unique wisdom to solve every international problem, and from Jewish left-wing “peace” groups that genuinely believe they are the only ones in the Jewish community who want peace. Believe me, they are not.

Most of all, you hear it from ex-diplomats. Those who have been involved in negotiating in one part of the world seem to assume that they are therefore uniquely equipped to negotiate any situation or conflict.

The worst, of course, are the former US diplomats who spent more than 20 years trying to shove a Palestinian state down Israel’s throat in the name of “peace.” These days, practically every major newspaper article about some aspect of Arab-Israeli diplomacy includes some obnoxious comment from one or more of these “experts.”

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