Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Rapturous New York Times Obituary for British BDS Backer - by Ira Stoll

...For 2,200 years, Jews have been fighting the classic antisemitic blood libel that we prey on gentile children. There’s no reason to expect it to stop anytime soon. It is, though, a moment when Times sensitivity to the issue of antisemitism is at an apparent high, at least when it comes to the attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue and public criticism of George Soros. Yet even so, the newspaper matter-of-factly publishes, in its own news columns, a glowingly positive memorial to a figure in a European antisemitic boycott campaign against Israeli academics.

Ira Stoll..
07 November '18..

The New York Times this week features a long and admiring obituary of a British feminist poet named Judith Kazantzis. She died on September 18, the Times reports.

It’s not immediately clear why Kazantzis is significant enough a figure to rate even a belated obituary attention from the Times, which, after all, can’t be bothered to run full news obituaries of significant American Jewish communal figures such as Shoshana Cardin. A search of the Times online archives discloses that no book written by Kazantzis was ever reviewed by the Times. Nor does she appear to have ever written for the paper or been quoted by it. The same search discloses that she was mentioned in the paper’s news columns only twice, in passing, in half a sentence of a profile of her sister that appeared in 1984, and very briefly in a 2002 obituary of her mother.

The Times obituary is glowingly positive, calling the poet’s work “intelligent but not didactic, powerful but not polemic. It could be witty, with traces of sarcasm.”

What accounts for the Times’ posthumous discovery of and love letter to this poet? The giveaway comes toward the end:

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