Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NY Times Travel Section Writes Jerusalem Out of Israel - by Ira Stoll

For a newspaper that has a whole marketing campaign about how “the truth can’t be glossed over,” “the truth has no agenda,” “the truth pulls no punches,” and “the truth requires taking a stand,” trying to pretend that Jerusalem isn’t the capital of Israel is an odd exercise in spineless self-deception.

Ira Stoll..
13 November '18..

Sunday’s New York Times travel section features an article suggesting “Five Places To Go In Jerusalem.” But readers curious about which country Jerusalem is in get no help from the Times: the article, strangely, doesn’t mention the word “Israel.”

Refusing to acknowledge the reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is a departure from the way the Times treats other countries. The same Times Sunday travel section, for example, also includes an article about Oslo. A Times headline refers to it as “the Norwegian capital,” and the article describes it as “this compact Norwegian city. … Norway’s forward-thinking capital.” Earlier pieces in the Times‘ “Five Places To Go” series included articles about cities that the Times identified as “Düsseldorf, Germany,” and “San José, Costa Rica.”

If you are tempted to give the Times a pass on this on the basis that Jerusalem is so well known as Israel’s capital that it goes without saying, think again.

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