Friday, November 2, 2018

E1 and the Roots Project: A pillar of the Fayyad plan and the newest expression of Palestinian intentions - by Naomi Kahn

This track is clearly and unmistakably guided by an organizational master plan engineered to facilitate the creation of Palestinian territorial contiguity, isolation of Israeli settlements, disruption of Israel’s territorial contiguity and more.

Naomi Kahn..
01 November '18..

It is certainly not news that over the past few years, European support for the Palestinian cause has shifted from passive diplomatic and economic assistance to active participation in illegal projects initiated unilaterally by the Palestinian Authority. What may be news to some is that these projects are part of a strategic plan to establish a de facto Palestinian state and circumvent the need for negotiations with the government of Israel. The European Union’s massive support for these projects has, in effect, enabled the P.A. to maintain its intransigence and to reject all Israeli and American proposals for a negotiated settlement.

In 2009, P.A. Prime Minister Salim Fayyad publicized a systematic plan for the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state through measures that would bypass the need for negotiations with Israel. [1] The vision for this Palestinian state, according to Fayyad, was to be “an independent Arab state with full sovereignty, on the entire area of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip within the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

To achieve this, one of the central goals of the Fayyad Plan is the annexation of strategic parcels of land in Area C, land under full Israeli control under the Oslo Accords.

The Fayyad Plan is based on an array of infrastructure and physical projects that share a clear organizational rationale aimed at creating the physical foundations of the Palestinian state. It is geared to establish irreversible facts on the ground. If the Fayyad Plan achieves its stated goal of creating a swath of territorial contiguity stretching from the Hebron Hills through Samaria—as far as Jericho—this strip of land would threaten Israel’s security and its ability to protect itself within defensible borders, create a stranglehold around Israeli towns and pose a threat to the stability of the entire region.

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