Monday, November 5, 2018

Newsweek’s Fact-Checking Lynk Fail of a Rabid Anti-Israel Activist - by Daniel Pomerantz

...Time and again, Lynk remains dedicated to his primary agenda: not to help Palestinians, but merely to demonize Israel at all costs, even if it means writing objectively untrue “facts.” All of which begs a critical question: why does Newsweek publish what is essentially a work of fiction, without even the most basic fact checking?

Daniel Pomerantz..
Honest Reporting..
04 November '18..

Newsweek has an unfortunate habit of publishing opinion pieces without even the most basic fact checking. A recent editorial by Michael Lynk, a UN Special Rapporteur, professor and rabid anti-Israel activist, is no exception.

Entitled, “Khan Al-Ahmar and Israel’s Creeping Annexation of the West Bank,” this article is so stuffed with untrue statements that it is closer to a work of fiction than a legitimate opinion-editorial.

The author

NGO Monitor and UNWatch have thoroughly documented Lynk’s support for at least one notorious antisemite, unabashed anti-Israel bias, and a laundry list of other ethical violations.

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