Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ismail Haniyeh sends letter to UN pretending that terror is allowed under international law - by Elder of Ziyon

...He also quotes several non-binding General Assembly resolutions that from the early 1970s that say that people under colonial subjugation have the right to resist "by all necessary means," which never includes terrorism, except to Palestinians and their fans. Of course, Israel is not a colonialist state to begin with, but the idea that international law allows Hamas-style terror attacks is absurd.

Elder of Ziyon..
29 November '18..

Hamas "political" leader Ismail Haniyeh sent a letter to the UN against an American initiative to condemn the group for shooting rockets at Israeli civilians.

In the letter, Haniyeh claims that Hamas' terror is not only not prohibited, but a "right" under international law.

The letter says:

The rules of international humanitarian law have contributed to strengthening the legal status of the resistance and national liberation movements against the occupation, and to legitimizing their resistance activities to achieve their right to self-determination as mentioned in the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, in particular article 1 / paragraph 4,

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