Friday, November 30, 2018

CNN Says Goodbye to Commentator Who Advocates the Elimination of the Jewish State

It is no secret that Marc Lamont Hill is a radical who hates Israel, promotes anti-Israeli violence and terrorism, and advocates the violent elimination of the Jewish state. After asking how long would he continue as a political commentator on CNN, our question has been answered. The network has finally severed its ties with him.

29 November '18..

Nov. 29, 4 PM Update:
CNN has been under fire, including by CAMERA, for its continued collaboration with someone who increasingly expresses bigotry and promotes violence. It has now been reported that CNN has severed its ties with Lamont Hill.

It is no secret that Marc Lamont Hill is an extremist who hates Israel, promotes anti-Israeli violence and terrorism, and advocates violent "resistance" to, and the elimination of, the Jewish state. Yet he continues to be listed as a political commentator on CNN and a professor at Temple University, promoting himself as a journalist, author, social justice activist, and bombastically proclaiming himself “one of the leading intellectual voices in the country.”

The fact that he is still accepted as a mainstream “scholar” and “journalist” while using his activist status as a platform to incite anti-Israeli violence and the end of the Jewish state is particularly disturbing. How many times does he have to display his true colors before CNN finally decides that enough is enough?

How many times must his defense of the kidnapping and murders of Israeli children by a terrorist group, his advocacy on behalf of convicted Palestinian terrorists, his opposition to Israel’s use of an air defense system to protect its civilians from deadly rockets, his close association with noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, and his relentless, propagandistic lies about Israel be exposed? How many times must he repeat his opposition to peaceful resistance and how many times must he advocate violence until media outlets distance themselves from him? (See previous articles.)

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