Monday, June 4, 2018

Village Magazine or the Village Idiot? Irish Magazine’s Flawed Article - by Simon Plosker

...Connolly is entitled to put forward his biased views. He should not, however, be entitled to publish blatant inaccuracies and falsehoods. If Village considers itself to be a credible media outlet, it should, at a minimum, correct the errors.

Simon Plosker..
Honest Reporting..
03 June '18..

Village sells itself as “Ireland’s political and cultural magazine.” Unfortunately, investigative journalist Frank Connolly demonstrates that he has done very little investigating into the facts when it comes to his article “Israel Politik: Illegal settlement.”

Connolly’s Myth #1.

Last December, President Trump confirmed that he intended to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a move that deeply angered the Arab world while elating many Israelis who have long had their sights on ultimate control of the holy city, which has been traditionally shared by Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions.

Newsflash: Jerusalem is already under the full Israeli control and has been since 1967. And the city has not been “traditionally shared.” Only under Israeli sovereignty has it been shared by the three major monotheistic faiths thanks to Israel’s policy of freedom of worship and religion. Prior to 1967, Jews were forced out of the eastern part of Jerusalem and its Old City, preventing them from praying at their holy sites. Does this sound like “sharing”?

Connolly’s Falsehood #2.

The policy of the government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) is that the right-to-return protests must be resisted with maximum force, including by the killing of unarmed activists and the maiming of thousands.

No this is not Israeli policy. The protests themselves are not being “resisted with maximum force.”

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