Saturday, February 17, 2018

Is Refusing Israeli Help Worth a Drought? - by Daniel Pomerantz

...Based on all these misstatements of fact, Akoob concludes: South Africa does not need the help of Israel to solve our drought. And just to make her point, Rumana Akoob is — apparently — willing to bet the very safety of the South African people on her views.

Daniel Pomerantz..
15 February '18..

Is refusing Israeli help worth a drought? According to South Africa’s Rumana Akoob, writing in the Daily Vox and Mail & Guardian, the answer is (apparently): yes.

It’s a horrible fact: South Africa is running out of water. Cities like Cape Town are already cutting access and more cities are set to follow. South Africa has already declared the situation a national disaster.

It’s also a fact that Israel has offered to provide vitally needed assistance through its role as a world leader in drought prevention — through desalination.

But Akoob says:

This is not true. If Israelis have sufficient water, it’s only because they deny water rights to Palestine.

She then embarks on a screed about Israel’s supposedly harmful activities toward Palestinians in the area of water supply, referring to:

The colonial, apartheid state of Israel which continues to use water as a method of colonization and segregation.

There’s just one problem: the “water libel” against Israel is simply untrue.

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