Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How to Bash Israel In A Linguistics Paper Without Being Noam Chomsky - by Sheri Oz

...When I looked up to see how the term language and displacement was being used in the linguistics literature, I discovered that it referred to a stage before the extinction of a language. In other words, it referred to the common process by which younger generations are raised in languages different from the native tongue of their parents, leading to the disappearance of the latter. They are usually talking about indigenous languages, such as First Nations in Canada. Alive and well in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, I do not think Palestinian Arabic is in any danger of extinction. Do you?

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
19 February '18..

What can I say! It looks like every topic of scholastic endeavour can be used to vilify Israel. Who cares if the work makes sense? The main thing is to make Israel look bad.

How can you make something normal into something pathological? Easy. Watch!

The paper is called “The Changing of Arabic Terminology in Times of War and Displacement,” and it was presented at the Western Conference on Linguistics, 2017. I have no idea how it got accepted for presentation, nor how the student’s co-author faculty member was not humiliated to have her name on it.

In the introduction, we read:

The specific goal of this paper is to show the impact of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the way this family speaks Arabic today in America.

This family being:

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