Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Palestinian History Hoax - Palestinian Pranksters At It Again

...Yet these major American media outlets bought the Palestinians’ lie — and their fraudulent museum — hook, line, and sinker. Palestinian pranksters at it again.

Eric Rozenman..
01 June '16..

Those crazy Palestinians! In a region literally exploding with practical jokers, they’ve again mastered this lowest form of humor. And they did it by ensnaring the New York Times (via the Associated Press), the Washington Post, and USA Today simultaneously.

Their latest trick? Opening a history museum with no exhibits.

Writing about last month’s press opening, USA Today — mirroring the Post and the Times — reported that the $24 million, 43,000 square foot Palestinian Museum of Art, History and Culture in Bir Zeit, about 13 miles north of Jerusalem, “showcases a beautiful building with sweeping views. All that’s missing are the exhibits.”

Promised future exhibits sound contemporary and political, not historical. As Daniel Pipes and others have noted, Palestinian Arab nationalism only stretches back to the end of World War I. It emerged quite specifically in 1920, not in renewal of deeply-rooted trends, but in reaction to and rejection of Zionism and Jewish national development.

USA Today said of the museum, “it’s an unfortunate metaphor for a people long in search of a national identity and homeland.” Nevertheless, at the ribbon-cutting, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared, “We have been planted here since the dawn of history.”

Then where were the ancient artifacts?

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