Friday, June 17, 2016

Israel, Terror, and the NY Times

...One wonders, what would a Palestinian have to do for the Times to call him a terrorist? If when covering Israel the Times can't bring itself to do something as simple as calling a terrorist a terrorist, what does that refusal once again reveal about the paper's mindset and agenda?

Alex Safian, PhD..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
09 June '16..

Following the Palestinian terror attack on June 8th in Tel Aviv, in which four Israelis were murdered and at least six were wounded, a New York Times article used the word root "terror" fourteen times, including "terrorists" and "terrorism."

But that New York Times article was not about the attack against Israelis, it was about a hypothetical attack in France, as the country prepares for Euro 2016, the European Championship soccer tournament:

Beyond the headline, that article:

• Noted that French officials are taking "all possible steps to prevent and deter terrorist attacks"

• Noted that France had been recently "hit by two major terrorist attacks"

• Noted that "Sporting events have long attracted terrorists"

• Noted in a picture caption that "Fan zones, like this one in Nice, are considered possible targets for terrorists."

What about the Times article about the real attack in Israel? Let's start with the headline:

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