Sunday, June 26, 2016

(PMW) Abbas repeats water-poisoning libel to EU, then retracts

The Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas have a history of spreading horrific libels whose purpose is to create hatred and fear among Palestinians and demonize Israel in the international community.

Itamar Marcus/Nan Jacques Zilberdik..
Palestinian Media Watch..
26 June '16..

Among these libels, PA leaders have accused Israel of doing medical experiments on Palestinian prisoners, stealing body parts from killed Palestinian terrorists, intentionally spreading drugs among Palestinian youth, and many more.

The latest Palestinian Authority libel, which Palestinian Media Watch described in detail last week which accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian water sources in order to kill Palestinians and force them to emigrate, was repeated by Mahmoud Abbas when speaking at the European Union on Friday. Because this was said at the EU and televised, the condemnation was widespread and Abbas was forced to issue a retraction. The retraction was not televised but was a press statement issued by his office.

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