Friday, March 15, 2019

Two years after Federal charges are unsealed, Ahlam Tamimi remains free. How is this happening? - by Arnold Roth

...Tamimi has become an iconic figure, a person of huge influence in a region where terrorism is a daily and manifest threat to public stability. She lives a life to which no one with a violent history of savagery like hers should ever be entitled. And while we believe in the importance of a peace-oriented strategic relationship with Jordan and its ruler, we also believe in the central and pre-eminent role of justice. We continue to hope we will still see it in the case of our child’s killer.

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
14 March '19..

Two years ago today, on March 14, 2017, the United States Department of Justice made an official announcement about the legal status of the woman who for years has boasted of bombing Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria and everyone in it.

Fifteen people were killed there that hot summer afternoon in 2001. One was our daughter, Malki. A sixteenth victim has been alive but unconscious all these years. Many more people were left maimed with injuries of a hideous nature.

We - Frimet and Arnold Roth who write this blog - campaigned for years for charges to be brought against Ahlam Tamimi after her freedom was extorted by Hamas in the catastrophic Shalit Deal. We even took it to the US Congress.

And then, with almost no advance notice, serious terrorism charges against her were suddenly unveiled.
Tamimi, a woman of 21, is Hamas’ first female terror operative. Today she is 39, married (to another convicted and unrepentant murderer), a mother, a Jordanian celebrity, a prominent spokesperson for Islamism and jihad. She does not live in hiding, and is frequently interviewed by the media; not only by the Jordanian media or the Arabic media but by respected news agencies like Associated Press that have sent reporters to her home to interview her on video.

She has boasted publicly, repeatedly and on the record that she had the central role as the mastermind of the massacre. She has claimed credit for the fact that so many of those killed were children.

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