Monday, March 25, 2019

Indy evokes ‘wag the dog’ conspiracy vs. the Ireland Israel Alliance. One of them gets it right.

UK Media Watch does an excellent job dismantling Bel Trew's ‘wag the dog’ conspiracy to explain Israeli wars with Hamas, however the concept does have an appropriate place, as the Ireland Israel Alliance twitted after this morning's rocket attack. If the shoe fits...

Love of the Land..
25 March '19..

From UK Media Watch

The Independent’s Mid-East correspondent Bel Trew makes the following claim in an article on recent US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights (“Golan Heights: How Donald Trump’s tweet saved Netanyahu’s re-election”, March 23).

Normally known for launching wars ahead of elections to ensure the security vote, Mr Netanyahu was also batting off stinging criticism from all sides for not ordering a full military operation in Gaza

This is actually the second time in a week that Trew made some variation of the allegation that Israel’s prime minister launches wars against Hamas in order to secure electoral victories. A March 18th article by Trew on fears that a (evidently accidental) Hamas rocket attack on Tel Aviv could lead to all out war argued that “Israeli incursions into Gaza have been launched ahead of the last three elections…often winning incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu additional votes on a security ticket.

Trew’s narrative is completely counter-factual. (Continue to Full Post)


On the other hand, not to abandon the concept of 'wag the dog', the following was posted by Ireland Israel Alliance

*auto-correct? deflect outrage in place of deflect overage

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