Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Surprise? Guardian flat-out lies in accusation that Israeli law codifies racism - by Adam Levick

Whilst some Guardian anti-Israel positions are merely misleading or deceptive, their assertion that the nation-state law renders Arab-Israelis “second-class citizens” is a flat-out lie.

Adam Levick..
UK Media Watch..
13 March '19..

An official Guardian editorial (The Guardian view on the Israeli elections: Netanyahu debases his office – again, March 11) included the following accusation:

Israel is not a state of all its citizens, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu declared on Sunday. His words should be shocking, but in truth they made explicit the message of last year’s nation state law, rendering Palestinians in Israel second-class citizens.

This is completely untrue.

The Jewish Nation-State Law merely codifies, within the country’s Basic Law (a de facto constitution), Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people – a principle which is the core of Zionism. It also lists a number of manifestations of Israel’s status as a Jewish state, including the country’s flag, national anthem, calendar, language, and immigration policies.

As even the head of the left-wing Israeli Democracy Institute conceded, the impact of the law is “largely symbolic”.

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