Monday, March 18, 2019

Important First Steps in Resolving the Question of Galilee Green or Metallic Green - Regavim

Following Regavim's petition against an illegal, highly-polluting scrapyard in the Israeli Arab town of Rameh, the Israel Police carried out enforcement measures last week, an important first step in protecting Israel's delicate and highly vulnerable ecosystem.

17 March '19..

"The illegal scrapyard at Rameh has been in operation for years, causing massive environmental damage, polluting our groundwater and soil, and blighting the landscape of the Galilee. Our repeated protests, inquiries, and letters to the local authoritןes and the Ministry of Environmental Protection got us nowhere, and we eventually had no choice but to take the matter to court," says Hezi Eyal, Regavim's Field Coordinator for the Northern Region.


"We welcome the enforcement procedures and the fines imposed on the offenders – but at the same time, we must not overlook the fact that these measures came only as the result of a lawsuit brought by a non-governmental environmental group."

"Dozens of illegal scrapyards continue to operate throughout the north of Israel, and the authorities must take a proactive stance rather than reacting after the damage has been done," added Eyal.

Meanwhile, Regavim will continue to monitor, document, and report on environmental abuse and construction violations – all of which erode Israeli sovereignty and threaten the physical and political well-being of our homeland.

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