Wednesday, March 13, 2019

By The Way, The World’s Largest Outdoor Prison Isn’t Gaza - by Pesach Benson

I’m not confident The Guardian will learn any lessons from this. It’s easy for reporters like Holmes to drive to Gaza, pound the pavement, then return to Jerusalem the same day to file the same snooty stories from the comfort of home. So unless Israel starts oppressing Uyghars, it’s hard to imagine The Guardian changing.

Pesach Benson..
Honest Reporting..
12 March '19..

Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip isn’t pretty. But let’s face it: Hamas hasn’t renounced violence, hasn’t accepted Israel’s right to exist, and hasn’t agreed to accept previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements. As long as the Islamists continue firing rockets and trying to smuggle weapons into the Strip via tunnels or the sea, Israel and Egypt will maintain the blockade.

The ongoing Hamas-Fatah feud further fuels Gaza’s deterioration. Mahmoud Abbas wants to cut off money, electricity and aid to the Strip and squeeze Hamas regardless of the suffering it causes ordinary Palestinians. And Hamas is pleased to persist in provoking border clashes. As long as one man’s cannon fodder is another man’s martyr, Palestinians will be too distracted to ponder the dead end Hamas has led them to. Gaza’s a rotten place to live.

There’s nothing wrong with reporting the difficulties of life in the Strip. But a dispatch in The Guardian by reporters Oliver Holmes and Hazam Balousha defies belief.

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