Thursday, March 7, 2019

Amir Daraj and Yusuf Anqawi went looking for Jews to kill the other day - by Stephen M. Flatow

No matter the firebomb or the car-ramming attack. They’re not terrorists, just “militants.”

Stephen M. Flatow..
06 March '19..

Amir Daraj and Yusuf Anqawi went looking for Jews to kill the other day.

That’s how a lot of Palestinian Arabs choose to spend their time, it seems. Twenty-year-olds in other countries pass their leisure time at sporting events, movies, cafes. But in Palestinian Arab society, they do things a little differently.

Daraj and Anqawi were residents of Arab towns near Ramallah. That’s Ramallah, as in the capital of the Palestinian Authority. Daraj and Anqawi weren’t living under “Israeli occupation.” Ramallah and its environs have been under P.A. rule since 1995. Daraj and Anqawi were born in 1999. They literally spent their entire life under Palestinian self-rule.

Despite the constant refrain from the J Street and the international news media about the so-called “Israeli occupation of the Palestinians,” the reality is that 98 percent of the Palestinian Arabs live under Palestinian rule. Therefore, there are no settlers or soldiers in the towns where Daraj and Anqawi live. When they decided they wanted to murder some Jews, they had to leave their villages and drive some distance.

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