Friday, September 21, 2018

Welcome to the Ahed Tamimi Global Propaganda Tour - by Daniel Pomerantz

...After an entire lifetime of being taught hate and sent into conflict zones, in a manner no child should endure, Ahed Tamimi is now taking her family’s twisted message to the world.

Daniel Pomerantz..
Honest Reporting..
20 September '18..

Ahed Tamimi was recently released from eight months in an Israeli prison for attacking an IDF soldier in a video that went viral on social and mainstream media.

Tamimi is now on something of an international press tour to talk about her experience and world view.

Speaking on France 24, Tamimi gave a beautifully polished interview in which she posited herself as an icon of peace. She said Israelis should “find their humanity” claiming they are trained to hate and kill Palestinians. According to the translation she even threw in a reference to (entirely fictional) armed Israeli 14 year olds.


Ahed accuses Israelis of being, “brainwashed,” saying that Israelis are “victims” because they have been “fed with hatred.”

Yet it is Ahed herself who has been abused, victimized, fed with hatred and brainwashed.

Ahed’s Tragic Childhood

Ahed Tamimi grew up in an environment permeated with Palestinian terrorism: terror in which her family has long played an active and prominent role. For example, Ahed’s aunt helped plan the horrific Sbarros Pizza restaurant bombing, and her mother posted anatomically precise tutorials on how to most effectively stab Israelis. (More on these below.)

Ironically, this very terrorism is the reason Israel has security measures in the first place.

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