Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Origins and History of a False Flag - by Rotem Nimkovsky

Opponents of Israel, including many of its Arab citizens, defiantly wave the PLO flag, yet have no idea what it actually symbolizes and that it has served many other Arab causes. The origins and history of a false flag.

Rotem Nimkovsky..
13 August '18..

Dozens of the Arab demonstrators protested on Saturday in Tel Aviv, chanting against the State of Israel with the cries of “With spirit, with blood, we shall redeem thee Oh Philistin”, as they defiantly waved the PLO flag. Ironically, history shows that this flag had no connection to the British Mandate area called “Palestine” nor to the Arab population referred to today as “Palestinians”.

A major symbol of the fight against the very existence of the State of Israel, this flag was adopted by the Palestinian Authority (PA) as its banner in 1994. In fact, when the PLO made this their flag in 1964, they adopted what was known then as the Pan-Arab flag, a flag that changed ownership several times over its nearly a century of existence. It is still being used by different groups, in different countries and under different circumstances.

The British Empire, entrusted with a mandate over “Palestine”, by the League Of Nations (1922), used a flag of their own, which features the Union Jack symbol at the top-left corner and a white circle with the word “Palestine” inside, over a red or blue background.

Flags of the British Mandate Of “Palestine”

Another version of a “Palestine” flag is found in the French flag lexicon “Nouveau Petit Larousse” in the 1920’s-30’s: half white, half blue background with a yellow Star of David in the middle.

Flag of “Palestine” as appearing in the French “Nouveau Petit Larousse” flag lexicon

So where did this flag, now recognized worldwide as the “Palestinian” flag, actually come from? Who originally made it and for what purpose? What do the colors of the flag represent? What does all this say about the Arab connection to the Land of Israel?

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