Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nearly $1 million: What aid funds handed to the Abbas regime have done for savages who kill Jews - by Arnold Roth

...the incentive scheme for more terror is once again openly included in the PA budget. They don't care about being criticized. They care about Palestinian Arab public opinion. And their voters want more incentives for terror, not less. Which surely means more terror ahead, not less.

The only portrait we want to show in this post is this
 one of our daughter, Malki. She was 15 years old
when these barbarians carried 
out their evil plot.
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 August '18..

Yesterday, we published a post ["23-Aug-18: New data: How the terrorists who bombed the Sbarro pizzeria fared financially"] focusing on the sums of money that, according to computations done by the fine team at Palestinian Media Watch (for whose input we are very grateful), have funded the lifestyles of the Sbarro bombing gang and, where relevant, their heirs.

Those Sbarro-related payments are rapidly approaching a million dollars and increase monthly. The Palestinian Authority, which pays out the cash,, is perpetually insolvent.

The incentive value of sums like those paid out, and continuing to be paid month after month, in encouraging ever more Arab-on-Israeli terror is clear.

There's also much to be learned from knowing more about those Hamas terrorists - what they did, what's become of them. Even people relatively well-informed about Israel's experience at the hands of Palestinian Arab terrorists are unaware of much of the detail below.

We prepared these brief profiles. The terrorists named below - with the exception of the one who appears at the bottom of the list - were all involved in the 2001 Battle of the Sbarro Pizzeria (their names are listed alphabetically by surname).

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