Thursday, August 23, 2018

The BDS movement against Israel? A case where the Nazi comparison does make sense. - by Benjamin Weinthal/Asaf Romirowsky

...There has been no shortage of Democrats and Republicans falsely accusing each other of Nazism over the last two decades. While the reckless and unjustified use of “Nazi” as an adjective is on an inflationary upward trend, the comparison between BDS and the Nazi era warrants being drawn. If the rapid spread of BDS in Europe is to be stopped, the BDS campaign should be recognized as a moral pariah that threatens both Jews and non-Jews.

Benjamin Weinthal/Asaf Romirowsky..
The Hill/Opinion..
22 August '18..

In a remarkable finding in their May report, intelligence officials of the German state of Baden W├╝rttemberg wrote that propaganda from the neo-Nazi party Der Dritte Weg (The Third Way) calling to boycott Israeli products “roughly recalls similar measures against German Jews by the National Socialists, for example, on April 1, 1933 (the slogan: 'Germans! Defend yourselves! Don't buy from Jews!')"

The historical significance of the parallel between contemporary calls to boycott Israeli products and the Hitler movement’s economic warfare against German Jewish businesses should not be ignored.

The Nazi efforts to strangle Jewish companies in order to isolate and dehumanize German Jews was a nascent phase of the Holocaust. Hence the boycott campaign against Israel is just another dangerous recurrence of history in a new form.

Fast forward to 2005: According to the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement’s declaration targeting the Jewish state, a key demand is the return of all “Palestinian refugees” to Israel. The “return” of the alleged millions of Palestinians refugees—based on a bogus definition of refugee status—would spell dissolution of the Jewish state. Anti-Semitism at its core is about discrimination against Jews.

The proliferation of pro-BDS activities in Germany prompted Felix Klein, the German government commissioner for the fight against anti-Semitism, to write in the daily Die Welt in August that “the BDS movement is antisemitic in its methods and goals.” He added that BDS’s “Don’t buy!” stickers on products from the Jewish state are “methods from the Nazi period.”

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