Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Zogby: Here’s Why Obama Treats You Like This, Israel! - by Sheri Oz

...In short, the Middle East is regarded as a nursery that must be handled as if they are a bunch of kids by the more mature and knowing adults of the West, with Obama as the father and the others playing the part of the mother....This situation apparently satisfies the Arab (and Iranian) children, but I do hope they wake up soon to realize that they are not anyone’s kids but fully grown adults capable of deciding what is truly best for them. Perhaps they will see that their best interests are probably not far different from those of their sibling, Israel.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
26 December '16..

In a previous post I showed that James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, predicted two months ago that UNSC Resolution 2334 would happen.

In that same article, after a litany of complaints against Netanyahu’s arrogant misbehaviour toward Obama, Zogby finally makes it clear how Israel is truly regarded by Obama. He does this while talking about the reaction he expects from Israel following the predicted UNSC resolution:

As long as the U.S. allows this pattern to continue, the spoiled child will take advantage of the situation — taunting, acting out, and getting his way. [emphasis mine]


Israel will throw a tantrum (as spoiled children are wont to do).

So, if Israel is the spoiled child, then the adults need to keep us in line.

Is Israel a spoiled child because of Netanyahu? Those who do not like Bibi would probably answer in the affirmative. I do not agree. I think if even the most appeasing Israeli prime minister were to balk at obeying an Obama diktat, he or she would end up being treated like a child.

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