Thursday, December 22, 2016

J Street, hypocrisy and Holocaust analogies: you can’t have it both ways - by Stephen M. Flatow

...So pardon me if I'm not impressed by J Street's indignation about David Friedman. When it consistently speaks out against Holocaust analogies—including those made by its executive committee member, Aaron Rice; its donor, George Soros; and its endorsee, Keith Ellison—then J Street might be taken a little more seriously. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

Stephen M. Flatow..
21 December '16..

J Street and like-minded groups are denouncing Donald Trump’s ambassador-designate to Israel, David Friedman, over a comment Friedman once made comparing Jewish advocates of the Palestinian cause to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

I'm not particularly comfortable with Holocaust analogies. But I'm also not particularly comfortable with hypocrisy. In a fundraising email this week, J Street denounced Friedman's "horrifically offensive rhetoric." Yet just days ago, the same J Street publicly endorsed a candidate for the chairmanship of the Democratic Party who compared President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who is seeking to head the Democratic National Committee, made his Hitler remark in 2007, so J Street can't dismiss it as something he said when he was in college. And Ellison's remark was videotaped, so nobody can claim it was edited or taken out of context.

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Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, is an attorney in New Jersey. He is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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