Wednesday, December 7, 2016

World Vision's terrorism-centered scandal and a toxic ideological background - by Arnold Roth

...Moon goes on to make the case that World Vision's alleged failure to identify the lethal corruption (our term, not his) in their Gaza office stems from three sources: Willingness to overlook terrorist atrocities, institutional antagonism toward Israel, and hostility towards Christian Zionism...

More than just "humanitarianism", World Vision's
engagement in this area includes what 
it calls
"advocacy". Its partners include "Breaking the

Silence", Btselem and other far-left Israel-based
opponents of government policy. Sabeel is not
The word "terror" appears nowhere in
brochure [check here]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
07 December '16..

The terrorism-centered scandal at the multi-billion dollar global Christian charity World Vision ["06-Dec-16: World Vision and terrorism: Hazy accounting is the last thing this scandal needs"] has brought some even larger issues out of the dark.

A wide-ranging article seeking to put the current allegations, now under scrutiny in an Israeli criminal court, into a broader context has just been published today. In "World Vision’s Decades-Long Hate Campaign Against Israel" that appears online and in the December 2016 issue of The Tower Magazine, Luke Moon, deputy director at the Philos Project ("the network hub for leaders and future leaders who are committed to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East") provides some background we have not seen elsewhere.

He refers to the criminal charges we mentioned yesterday and to the charity's problematic reaction:

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