Friday, December 30, 2016

Dear John (Kerry): No “E’s” For Effort Being Handed Out Here - by Sheri Oz

...So tell me, John, has the PLO or the PA formally recognized Israel? I know Abbas has stated that he would take back said recognition of Israel if he does not get his way, but that is a very shrewd manipulation of people’s minds to make them think that he ever recognized Israel. And you fell for it, John, did you not? I guess this shows you do not have what it takes to make a mediator or arbitrator (how that made you Secretary of State material still bewilders me, but politics is a foreign country all to itself, I guess).

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
29 December '16..

I understand you will be looking for a new job soon, John. Do you know if Tricky Dicky ever did get that position as a used car salesman? In any case, that is not what I was thinking of for you.

I know you studied law and even worked for a few years as a prosecutor before going into politics. Seeing your performance in this last speech, I can only imagine that you went into politics because you were not a very good courtroom lawyer. Long-winded, repetitious, not really sure of your facts, I have the feeling judges told you more than once to move along in your opening and closing statements and asked if there was a point to all that verbiage.

I can imagine that defence attorneys probably got bored after a while of calling out “objection”. The judge would then wearily ask you, “Is this going anywhere?” “Do you have a question for the witness?” “Can you please stop testifying on behalf of the witness.” (None of this seems to have made you unfit for a career in politics.)

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