Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lies, misinformation, and a pathological hatred of Jews and Israel

...Readers trust Wapo to tell them the truth. It's a sad thing indeed that Booth and Eglash are allowed to use the pages of the Washington Post to spread lies, misinformation, and their pathological hatred of Jews and Israel.

Judean Rose/Elder of Ziyon..
14 December '16..

When one sees the byline of William Booth and Ruth Eglash on a Washington Post article, what follows, one knows, is going to be a very ugly piece about Israel. There will be the pretense of balance, but the slant will always be there and the direction of that slant will never favor Israel. You read their stuff and you have to wonder what's wrong with them, the authors. Their regular and willful distortion of the facts must, by design, be born of deep-seated hatred for the Jewish State.

Now if the articles were balanced and at least factually true, we might have given Booth and Eglash a pass. We might have said they are writing what they write for the sake of truth. We could have called them truth seekers. We could have ascribed a certain logic to reporting true but ugly news about Israel, and called the authors "truth seekers." (Even though nitpicking on Israel is kind of a strange thing to do, considering the slaughter going on next door in, for instance, Syria.)

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