Thursday, December 1, 2016

Arson, Stupidity and the Lesson Not Yet Learned

...Those same Arabs who want to push us into the sea, but have not yet worked out how, seem to think that by setting fire to the country we will run for the sea, and be gone. But they are wrong, we will let the fires burn, our fires, the fires of rebuilding and the fires of caring. I am already planning the party when we make a chanukat bayit in our rebuilt home, and all the wonderful caring people who have given us the strength to get there are not only invited but expected to turn up.

Ilya Meyer..
30 November '16..

Here’s a first-hand account by one of the affected families in Neve Tsuf.

I give below the first-hand account of Rochelle Cohen, exactly as she wrote it.

Two things emerge from her harrowing yet inspiring text:

1. The Arab mindset is still stuck in the primitive barbarism of burning people alive – it is part of their culture, their heritage, their religion. In 2016.

2. The sheer stupidity of the arsonists and their supporters in Fatah, the PLO, Hamas and others. They STILL haven’t internalized that every time they try (and sometimes succeed) in destroying lives and property, the only – the ONLY – effect it has is to weld Jews and Israelis still more closely together.

You have to be particularly stupid – or a Fatah leader – not to understand this simple fact.

Here’s Rochelle’s first-hand verbatim account:

Nobody is going to believe me when I tell them that having to flee with our community in the middle of the night, close the door on our house, convinced I would never see the house again, and leaving behind our firefighting son, and friends, and then returning to what is only a very partial and unlivable house, has been a positive experience, but that is the case. Why? let me share with you a little.

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