Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why the U.S. State Dept. won't acknowledge the truth about Fatah

...Obama's political agenda--his entire policy concerning Israel and the Palestinian Arabs--conflicts with telling the truth about Fatah. No matter how loudly Abbas's Fatah cheers for terrorists, the Obama administration will never do more than make vague allusions to "the statements glorifying this reprehensible and cowardly attack," without ever identifying who is doing the glorifying.

Stephen M. Flatow..
14 October '16..

The U.S. State Department denounced the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem by condemning “the statements glorifying this reprehensible and cowardly attack.”

At first, it might seem like good news President Barack Obama's administration finally acknowledged and criticized the horrendous glorification of terrorist attacks we read about almost every day.

Until you notice the State Department forgot to mention one little thing--the identity of those it condemned. Who exactly has been making statements "glorifying" the attack? Who called the terrorist a hero and a martyr? Who defended and justified the murder of an Israeli Jewish grandmother?

The answer is...

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