Thursday, October 13, 2016

UNESCO says Jews have no connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount - by Forest Rain

...So now they try with lies. Where facts don’t matter maybe lies will work. UNESCO is supposed to preserve and promote education, science and culture. But educating about the truth about Israel doesn’t matter. The science of the carbon dating, the archeology, the linguistics, the art that proves Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount doesn’t matter. Thousands of years of culture can be swept away with one little lie. Or so they think.

Forest Rain..
Inspiration from Zion..
13 October '16..

The world has officially gone insane.

In a post-factual world, it seems lies shouted long enough, loud enough can win wars that were lost with weapons.

The enemies of Israel have gone to war to destroy Israel, to destroy Jerusalem, to destroy our Temple – all in attempt to erase the Jewish connection to this land and eventually cause the disintegration of the Jewish people. They even tried to change the name of this land in order to create a new reality.

It didn’t work.

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