Friday, October 21, 2016

The story of a Jewish boy called Haim - by David Collier

...So these radical anti-Zionists. The ones who make up stories, blur the lines and use false logic. They want people to join them in attacking the Jewish state. Not in theory, but in practice. It isn’t 1903 anymore. Haim lives. They don’t want you to attack the Chinese lad, nor the Russian. Not the Arab, nor the African. They all want you just to help throw stones at the Jew. Of all of the people that live around you, it is only the Jewish one they want to kill. Now tell me. How is that NOT antisemitic?

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
21 October '16..

Many years ago, I had a frantic evening visit from two very old, and very close Jewish friends. They suggested there was something urgent they needed to discuss, and just a short while later, Anna and Martin were sitting opposite from me, sipping some strong exotic alcoholic concoction. I remember, just before they spoke, wondering which one of them had been diagnosed with the terminal illness.

As it happened neither had. Anna was expecting. To many people reading this, confusion now reigns. Why was this not a moment of unbridled happiness?

It is a long and complicated story that I need not retell now, but health issues presented deep and troubling considerations. The pregnancy itself was in many ways unexpected. They consulted all their friends and family. Conflicting opinions were the order of the day.

I gave my advice. What I personally encouraged them to do is of no relevance to this story. Several months after that discussion, Anna gave birth. It was a very problematic but ultimately successful delivery.

Today Haim is a successful and happy adult. If we were to make a list of what constitutes success, Haim would score highly in almost every single one. Yet my word, this Jewish lad has enemies. In a sickening turn of events, some act as if Haim’s life is somehow up for debate. There are actually people who publicly suggest they want Haim killed.

Not the Chinese kid or the boy from Pakistan. Not the Russian or the South African, nor the Brit or the African. They see the little Jewish kid, and it is *only* him they want ‘removed’.

These people are the modern day anti-Zionists.

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