Monday, October 24, 2016

The NYT Magazine Unleashes a Bitter Attack on Israel’s Culture Minister - by Ira Stoll

...In a piece this long, where the Times reporter obviously had firsthand interview access to Ms. Regev, why does the reporter need to resort to speculating about what the answer “would most likely be”? Why not just ask her the question directly and let her answer it? Ms. Margalit’s answer to that question would most likely be: she wasn’t really so interested in finding out the truth.

Ira Stoll..
21 October '16..

What happens to a New York Times journalist who gets caught blatantly violating the newspaper’s policies restricting the use of anonymous sources?

If the journalist happens to be New York-based writer Ruth Margalit, she gets rewarded with a plum assignment for the Times magazine.

The Times has a lavishly staffed Jerusalem bureau, led by Peter Baker and including regular Times contributors such as Isabel Kershner and Diaa Hadid. But when it came time for the Sunday Times magazine to profile Israel’s minister of culture and sports, Miri Regev, the Times, for some mysterious reason, chose to give the assignment to a reporter not on its regular payroll.

The nearly 6,000-word piece that resulted is, to put it kindly, an embarrassment, an error-filled, tendentious, anti-Zionist screed.

Let’s take it from the top, if you have the stomach for it. The Times reports that “Regev has become known for her provocations no less than for her nationalist fervor,” listing as examples: “She sometimes unfurls an Israeli flag during speeches…

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