Friday, October 14, 2016

“This is Palestine” - A Place Where All Palestinians Are Innocent Victims - by Zahava Raymond

...If the aim of “This is Palestine” was to give an insight into the different facets of the lives of Palestinians, then it seems that McColgan failed miserably. Going by the article’s own description of it, the exhibition fails to look into Palestinian life with any real depth other to paint things as black and white. The Irish Independent, reporting on the exhibition, should have then filled in the missing context, instead of reinforcing its overtly biased narrative that demonizes Israelis while depicting all Palestinians as their innocent victims.

Zahava Raymond..
Honest Reporting..
13 October '16..

An article in the Irish Independent promotes a photo exhibition by Riverdance founder John McColgan, called “This is Palestine.” The photos were taken in Gaza and the West Bank, yet the article claims the photographer traveled to the region to “document the lives of Israelis and Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict.”

In fact, judging by what the article says, the only Israelis McColgan met with were activists who campaign against the “occupation.” They are hardly going to give him a balanced view of what it’s like for Israelis living under the daily threat of Palestinian terror attacks.

In the world of the Irish Independent and McColgan’s exhibition, every Palestinian is a victim of Israeli oppression. There are no Palestinians who harm other Palestinians, and there are no Palestinians who harm Israelis. It is the usual, one-sided, simplistic narrative that the media generally favor, where Israelis = oppressors and Palestinians = victims.

These are some of the Palestinians he photographed – along with some facts that he and the Irish Independent left out that may have been inconvenient to the narrative, but would have added some much needed context:

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