Sunday, October 16, 2016

Obama and the Blame That Bibi Bears - by Martin Sherman

...Despite all the chatter about the unprecedentedly close intelligence and military cooperation between Israel and the US, a far from implausible case could be made for the claim that the Obama administration is — intentionally or otherwise — laying the foundations for Israel’s demise.

Martin Sherman..
14 October '16..

“If the aim of the Israeli government is to prevent a peace deal with the Palestinians, now or in the future, it’s close to realizing that goal. Last week, it approved the construction of a new Jewish settlement in the West Bank, another step in the steady march under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to build on land needed to create a Palestinian state…The Obama administration, with every justification, strongly condemned the action as a betrayal of the idea of a two-state solution in the Middle East. But Mr. Netanyahu obviously doesn’t care what Washington thinks, so it will be up to President Obama to find another way to preserve that option before he leaves office.”

— “At the Boiling Point with Israel,” the New York Times Editorial Board, October 6, 2016.

Last week, the New York Times descended to a new low, with the publication of a particularly infuriating and offensive anti-Israel editorial that was so distortive, deceptive and deceitful regarding the Jewish state and its democratically elected prime minister that some less charitable souls than I might almost be tempted to say that it would have done Der Stürmer proud.

The New York Times’ anti-Jewish innuendo

Doubtless, many will claim that even the slightest hint that any such comparison is even vaguely valid is wildly inappropriate. True, the Times editorial did not sport a crude cartoon of a conniving, hooked nosed, money-grasping Jewish prime minister. But it did include virtually everything else.

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