Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reasons #8270 and #8271: Why peace is impossible

...And almost no one - not "moderate" Arabs, not human rights groups, not "enlightened" Europeans and Americans - is willing to denounce the sickening hate that is at the root of the Arab world.

Elder of Ziyon..
16 June '14..

An image of a young Palestinian Arab boy celebrating the kidnapping of three Jewish teens:

That's not why peace is impossible.

The reason peace is impossible is because you cannot find any public voices of disgust in the Arab world at images like these.

While there is no shortage of Westerners, and Israelis, who will empathize with people who declare themselves to be the enemy, the number of Arabs who empathize with innocent people on the other side is essentially zero. There is an utter lack of ability to see things from the perspective of the other side.

Even worse, there is no desire to do so.

Without empathy, there can be no understanding or compromise. Peace is literally impossible.

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